July 21, 2015

Draft, Writing Documentation Just Got Easy

After building Monogatari and the first version of it's documentation, I noticed that I suck at writing documentations and writing them is a really horrible job, besides having to worry of the website for it and more. There's no way to focus if you start thinking about content, design, readability etc.

Enter Draft...

While building the second version of the Monogatari's Documentation Draft was born, I wanted something that just built my documentation for me in a nice way.

Draft will take any HTML or Markdown files and build the menu based on those files and directories so your only worry should be writing the best documentation you can.

You can now visit the website and take a look at the template you get when downloading it.

Draft is an Open Source project and like all my other projects it's released under the MIT License. You can also view the code and contribute in the GitHub Repository.