November 3, 2019

Monogatari Managed Services Terms & Conditions

Choosing the Monogatari managed services as a Patreon tier is one of the best ways to support Monogatari's development and also get your game ready to go!

With these tiers, you'll get a special rate on the development, deployment and/or maintenance of your game.

Why you get a special rate you ask? Well, while developing your game, the engine will get to be tested in several ways that are normally not possible for me and also, any feature you request for your game will be added directly to the engine if possible, meaning you will help on the development and improvement of Monogatari and your game will also benefit from that!

Please, before choosing a tier, contact me so we can discuss which one is the best for you as well as discussing the scope and size of your game (I may simply not be able to do it due to time constraints).

Conditions / Rules

What's Included

The benefits you get will depend on the tier you choose, here's a simple breakdown on most of those benefits.


This covers the general development of your game, and depending on your tier, it may include the development of custom features.

Your game will also get:

Priority Support

While I currently try to provide support for everyone using Monogatari, that support tends to be sporadic and also takes too long on some cases.

With priority support you get:

Raw Script to Monogatari Script Transformation

Chances are that you are currently writing your script on a document or using some kind of application to write or plan it. I will transform your raw script into a Monogatari script.

You can provide your game script in any format that doesn't require any special tool to read it.

Accepted Formats:

Script Translation

If you need your game to be translated, I can translate it from English to Spanish or the other way around.

Website Domain

You'll be able to choose any web domain that's available for purchase on Namecheap and lower than \$15 per year. In case the one you want has a higher price, you may pay up the difference.

The whole purchase and setup of the domain will be completely managed for you. Because of this, the website will be added and managed from an account of my property, however the domain will be completely yours and it can be transferred to you at any time if you want to.

If you already have a domain you can also use it and take advantage of the managed hosting by pointing your domain to it.

Important: Domains have to be renewed every year. If your game is no longer on development and thus you're no longer subscribed to any of the managed services tiers, you'll have to pay it's renewal or it will be left to expire. If you're subscribed to the maintenance tier, the renewal will be covered for you.


Your game hosting will also be managed entirely by me so you don't have to worry on how to make your game available for everyone to play.

Desktop Distribution

You will get a binary for Windows, macOS and Linux so people can install your game locally and play.

This is not yet ready as a benefit you'll get, but in the future this may also include:

Mobile Distribution

Currently only for Android, you'll receive an APK that people will be able to install so they can play from their device!

What's Not Included


Q: Will I be able to upload files to my hosting?

R: You won't be able to upload any files to your hosting by yourself, any files related to your game will be uploaded by me.

Q: Will I get email addresses with my new domain?

R: No email addresses are included as this is only meant to be used for hosting.

Q: What is considered a custom functionality?

R: Anything that doesn't come out of the box. Examples: