July 23, 2015

Aegis, More than a Framework, an Ecosystem

Even though Aegis was not my first project, it sure has become the most important one. Not because many people are using it, or because it's more advanced than others but because Aegis is the foundation for all of my other projects.

It turned out I now have a huge ecosystem, since every project is built on Aegis, the more I work on those projects the more I can improve Aegis, and the more Aegis improves all the other projects improve as well.

Sure, I could be using Bootstrap or Polymer as templates or CakePHP and Laravel as Frameworks but as all my other projects, I haven't started them because there wasn't something like it before, but because I love building my own things and seeing how they work as well as making them in a simple way so that everyone can contribute or learn from them.

I may have a lot of projects, and that means all my resources are split but at least this ecosystem that's been created makes me able to work indirectly on them...