Diego Islas Ocampo

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About Me

As a person

I'm a Computer Science student from Mexico who just loves programming, I love to create all sorts of projects so you'll see me creating things very different from each other. I'm a Linux lover and work under a Linux First rule.

As a contributor

Most of my projects are Open Source and released under the MIT or GPLv3 License. I really love what I do and I'd like to help as much people as I can. This is also a way for me to pay back all those people who have helped me learn everything I know.

As a world's citizen

Hyuchia means “Be better than you were yesterday”, and yeah, I made that up. I really live up to that phrase and I apply it to everything I do. This means that my projects are updated almost everyday (Although this updates can take a long time to be published).

My Projects


A simple, fast and easy to use Web Framework.


Artificial intelligence assistant and chatbot.


Una mejor forma de aprender filosofía.


A web, responsive and modern visual novel engine.


The last color palette you'll ever need.


A variety of utilities that will make your life easier.


A text processor built with web technologies.


Tool for building and writing documentation.



Vampires The New Birth Visual Novel.


A different way of taking notes.

Moco Comics

Monitos de Juanele.


A process dispatcher simulator.


Monogatari v1.4

Monogatari v1.4

Monogatari v1.4 is here with a lot of features you and your players will enjoy!

Skrifa v0.2.6 and Skrifa Lite

Skrifa v0.2.6 and Skrifa Lite

Skrifa version v0.2.6 has just been released, packed with new PGP functionality and also a brand new app that's blazing fast!

Monogatari v1.3.1

Monogatari v1.3.1

Monogatari version 1.3.1 has just been released with a bunch of bug fixes, some new features and also information on the first game released!

Skrifa Alpha Release

Skrifa Alpha Release

If you need a simple but powerful tool for taking notes, Skrifa is what you are looking for.

Aegis Ecosystem

Aegis Ecosystem

Aegis, more than a framework, an ecosystem for my projects.

Monogatari 1.1.0

Monogatari 1.1.0

Monogatari version 1.1.0 has just been released with what you need to create desktop apps.

Kirino Alpha 1.5

Kirino Alpha 1.5

Kirino has reached version 1.5 of it's alpha cycle and she'll now be with you in all your devices!