Monogatari Web Visual Novel Engine

Monogatari is not just another web VN engine, I've seen many engines for the web, but none where exactly what I wanted, Monogatari features almost the same syntax as Ren'py, so exporting games to the web is incredibly easy and it is written using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Features.

The time we live in is amazing, there are lots of different devices, screens etc. that's why Monogatari is Responsive, it adapts to any screen so everyone will be able to enjoy your game, no matter what device they are on, besides since it's web based, they won't have to download anything however it's not only limited to web, you'll also be able to create desktop and mobile apps!

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Browser Support

The vision

Monogatari has been created with a purpose, to take visual novels to the next level, to make it easy for developers, artists and writers to extend their VN functionality, integrate it with more web services, create games with features that no one has ever imagined.

Try it

You can try the demo or the good VN everyone who has tried Ren'py knows, The Question

Start Creating

Monogatari's first release is out now, visit the website to download it, you'll also find the documentation and more helpful things for your game!


Monogatari is an open-source project released under the MIT License, and if you want to get involve and contribute, you can visit the GitHub page

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It is time for Visual Novels to evolve...