February 2, 2015

Native Applications on Joli OS and Problem Solving

Joli OS is a Linux Distro brought to us by JoliCloud, even though it's based on HTML5, it will allow us install Linux Native Applications. We have 3 choices to make this happen:

  1. Install the program via a .deb package is the easiest choice since we only need to download and install.
  2. Install via third parties like "Ubuntu Tweaks"
  3. Add the repositories is our last choice. A simple app-add will not work so you'll have to do it this way:

Sadly Joli OS has been discontinued, however you can still download and try this awesome distribution (Which I really recommend, or install it's environment in Ubuntu) .

Fixing Problems:

If you install Joli OS in a new computer it's likely for you to note that the VGA port is not working, however it is working, it's just that it does not recognise the external screen unless you have it connected since the boot. This is a problem with the Kernel version.