December 23, 2015

Skrifa Alpha Release

I've been using Skrifa for my school notes, just recently started working to make it accessible for everyone, it was supposed to be released initially as an electron app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, however after I bought a Chromebook, my priority changed to make it first a Chrome App. The Electron builds will still be released but I would like to test it first in chrome since it's easier to target people and apply fast updates to it.

Skrifa has reached an alpha state, alpha not because there are a lot of bugs or it's incomplete but because I have very high standards and there are still things I want to do, mainly changes to how it works on the back more than what it does right now, the only addition I would make right now would be the ability to have Notebooks to group notes and export as an HTML page.

If you need a simple but powerful tool for taking notes, Skrifa is what you are looking for.

Since it's an Alpha test, it's not yet available to everyone (Although soon it will) please test it if you can and any feedback is welcome. You can also see the code and contribute on Github!

Get the Skrifa app for Chrome now:

Current Features: