As a freelancer I've worked in several projects across several companies.

Dope Marketing

Direct Mail Done DOPE

Senior Developer - Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, React

The Vitals App

Real-Time Digital Medical ID.

Lead Android Developer - Kotlin, Ionic


The best way to follow events.

Senior Full-stack Developer - Django, Angular, Android

Code 4

Stress Testing at its Best.

Lead Android Developer - Kotlin

UR Turn

Keep Students On Track To Graduate High School On Time.

Junior Developer - Ruby on Rails


Find the perfect vendors for your next event.

Lead Developer - Ruby on Rails


I've worked with a great number of technologies.

Programming & Markup Languages

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Java Vala TypeScript Python Rust Ruby Kotlin Swift SQL C#

Database Engines

MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL IndexedDB MongoDB DynamoDB

Frameworks, Tools and other Skills

React Angular Meteor Express Hapi NextJS Rails Django Cordova Electron Ionic React Native Ren'py Aegis AWS Unity NodeJS SASS PostCSS Linux DiscordJS Tauri OpenAI

Version Control Systems

Git Bazaar Pijul